Deer Tick – Tickets – Lee’s Palace . – Toronto, ON – July 3rd, 2014

Deer Tick

Toronto Urban Roots Fest Presents

Deer Tick

Sam Cash & The Romantic Dogs, The Weeks

Thu 07/03

Doors: 8:00 pm

Toronto, ON


This event is 19 and over

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Deer Tick - (Set time: 11:00 PM)
Deer Tick
John McCauley and Deer Tick have long walked a tightwire between total despair and fractured resilience, but Negativity represents a heroic leap forward on virtually all fronts for the Providence, Rhode Island-based band. Recorded earlier this year in Portland, Oregon with legendary producer/musician Steve Berlin (The Blasters, Los Lobos, and last year's McCauley side project, Diamond Rugs), the album –Deer Tick's fifth full-length studio release, and follow-up to 2011's acclaimed Divine Providence – is McCauley's most personal work thus far as well as the band's most undeniable and universal, their famously freewheeling musical approach refined here into a gloriously cohesive whole.

Deer Tick – sounding as sure-footed as one would expect from a band who have spent a couple of hundred nights each year on stage for more than half a decade – more than match the strength of the songs by taking a more detailed approach than on some of the breakneck recordings of their past. From the sparkling baroque pop of "The Dream's In The Ditch" (penned by guitarist Ian O'Neil) to the full-blown Memphis showstopper, "Trash," Negativity sees the Tick bridging boozy punk, AM gold, bar band blues, country soul, and whatever else catches their fancy into their own profoundly American rock 'n' roll. Additional sonic color comes courtesy of magnificently arranged brass accompaniment by Austin, Texas's GRAMMY®-winning Latin fusion collective, Grupo Fantasma.

While Deer Tick have been rightfully hailed for their raucous rave-ups and substance-fueled fervor, Negativity places considerable focus on the band's nuanced and tender side, with notable highlights including the wrenching breakup ballad, "Hey Doll," and the stunning "In Our Time." Written from his father's perspective, the song is a timeless country tearjerker featuring McCauley's good friend, singer/songwriter Vanessa Carlton singing duet vocals in the "role" of his mom.

"I guess I'll catch you on the other side," McCauley sings in the album's final moment, a promise that, despite the pain and fatalism and yes, negativity, he's here for the long haul. Heartbreaking, fist-pumping, and ultimately life-affirming, Negativity stands as an indisputable high water mark for Deer Tick – a defining collection from a rock 'n' roll band driven by an undying faith in the power of redemption and transcendence.
Sam Cash & The Romantic Dogs - (Set time: 9:50 PM)
Sam Cash & The Romantic Dogs
"Sam Cash's song writing captures a youthful angst, filtered through a compassionate eye... confident, natural use of simple, eloquent language that you'd expect from someone with many more years behind them" - Hawksley Workman

Heralded for being a promising up and coming youngster after the release of his debut record 'Teenage Hunger,' Sam Cash has undoubtedly hit his stride with 'Stand Together, Fall Together ' and is here to stay.

Here's what he has to say about his upcoming release:

"The Romantic dogs are myself, Aaron Comeau, Matt Bailey, and Kyle Sullivan. Keeping a band together is hard—harder than I ever thought it would be. They don't tell you that in University—that following your passion will be harder than any essay, exam, or BA (I still have a year to go at Ryerson). But I'm trying. As a band we picked 11 out of 30 songs to appear on this record. We didn't necessarily pick the best of the best—we'll save those for the next record. Rather, we chose the 11 songs that represent us as we are, right now. We're loud, we're scrappy, we make mistakes when we play—but we're buddies. These songs transmit a feeling—a sort of excitement. That feeling you get when you're 20, and it's the summer time, and you have no idea what is going to happen next—you're scared of girls, but you find them anyway; you're no good in social situations, but you end up making people laugh regardless; you don't think you'll ever be able to hold down a job, but you blink and all of the sudden you have two of them. These songs are about growing up. They are about navigating the adult world to best of ones ability, without breaking too many hearts.

Looking back on my childhood, there always seemed to be a buzz of excitement—my mom managed a handful of bands that became mainstays on the Canadian circuit in the 90's, and my father was a rock and roll guy. No one had time to relax—it was always go go go. As an only child for most of my life, I just got caught up in the shuffle—I went where the business meetings were, I went where the sound-checks were, I went where the rock and roll was.

For the first time since my childhood, I feel that excitement again through Cameron House Records. These guys have fostered a community that I am honored to be apart of. When I first started playing in high school, all I wanted was a crew of people who wanted to work hard and get things done. I dreamed of being able to walk into a place and feel the warmth of familiar faces all trying to accomplish the same goal. There's healthy competition within this group. People aren't afraid to tell you you're full of shit—but there's also mutual admiration and respect for your peers. These guys make you want to be better. They make you want to be a better person, a better musician, and a better songwriter."
The Weeks - (Set time: 8:45 PM)
The Weeks
Serpents and Snakes Records is proud to announce the upcoming release of Dear Bo Jackson, the eagerly anticipated label debut from The Weeks. The album arrives in stores and at all DSPs on April 30th.

Dear Bo Jackson was recorded with Grammy Award-nominated producer/engineer Paul Moak at his Nashville studio, The Smoakstack, shortly after the Jackson, Mississippi-based band's relocation to Music City USA. Drawing inspiration from such iconic works of Americana as The Band's Music From Big Pink, The Weeks enriched their already well-seasoned sonic stew with the classic flavors of soul, R&B, funk, and heavy boogie to create their own unique take on contemporary Southern rock. Big brass, lush strings, and twangy pedal steel have been fused into the band's trademark sludge pop sound, with Sam Williams' greasy guitars and the highly charged engine room of bassist Damien Bone and drummer Cain Barnes now officially joined by master keyboardist Alex Admiral Collier. Throughout the album, songs like "Brother In The Night" and the exuberant title track see Cyle Barnes' rending his throat raw as he tells dramatic and truthful tales of modern Southern lives, full of hope despite often punishing circumstances. Dear Bo Jackson shows The Weeks to be not unlike the legendary athlete of the album's title: indisputable all-stars, capable of just about anything (see attached tracklisting).

Coming together in 2006, The Weeks instantly came to define the sound of Southern Rock in the 21st Century – their grunge-powered, high-octane anthems rich with a bottomless Delta soul far deeper than the band's teenage years would suggest. Like any great rock 'n' roll outfit worth its salt, the band played as often as humanly possible, with countless club dates across the Southeast and tours alongside such like-minded acts as Local H, North Mississippi All-Stars, and the one and only Meat Puppets. Their extraordinary energy and outsized performances earned them an ever more fervent fan following, as did a series of well-received independently issued releases. Gutter Gaunt Gangster, the band's second full-length outing, earned critical applause upon its Serpents and Snakes re-release, with naming the collection among its top 10 "Outstanding 2012 Albums You Might Have Missed."

The Weeks have just wrapped the first leg of their "Thick As Thieves Tour," a midwinter trek that saw the band bringing the heat to frigid cities like Louisville, Lexington, Columbus, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Hoboken, New York, Richmond, Norfolk, and Charlotte. The band's raucous set at NYC's famed Mercury Lounge proved so thrilling that it was included in Rolling Stone's recent "Hottest Live Photos of 2013" feature (

In addition, The Weeks found time to pay a visit to the hit radio/DirecTV series, The Artie Lange Show, where they performed such longtime fan favorites as "Steamboat" and Gutter Gaunt Gangster's groovy single, "The House That We Grew Up In." The performances are streaming now at The Artie Lange Show's official YouTube channel: "Steamboat" can be viewed at, with "The House We Grew Up In" streaming at
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