Watch: SHEEZER “Holiday”

Sheezer are playing at Lee’s this Friday! Get familiar if you’re not already! Tickets at Rotate, Soundscapes and the front bar of the Horseshoe Tavern!


The Origins of Sheezer:

“Laura and I were driving back from a show, and we decided to listen to The Blue Album. It’s just that kind of album that’s great for a long drive, you know. All killer, no filler. I was playing with Gentleman Reg and The Bicycles at the time, which are way more pop than rock, and we thought how fun it would be to just rock out. But the band’s name was key in the decision making, once we thought of that we were like “We have to do this.” So Laura taught herself how to play bass. We had our friend Lysh come over and practice, and she was secretly super good at the guitar. Our friend Magali was rhythm guitar and vocals. And our friend Robin was a longtime superfan of Weezer and played keys to round out the band and ended up singing a bunch of songs.”