Joey Dosik – Tickets – Lee’s Palace – Toronto, ON – October 17th, 2018

Joey Dosik

Collective Concerts Presents

Joey Dosik

The Pick Brothers Band

Wed 10/17

Doors: 8:00 pm

Toronto, ON


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This show has been moved from The Drake to Lee’s Palace. All tickets honoured. 

Joey Dosik
Joey Dosik
Joey Dosik honed his craft as part of a burgeoning Los Angeles scene that reinvents classic popular music to thrive in the present tense. With Inside Voice, Dosik delivers a level of depth rarely achieved in a debut, and the result is an instant classic by any standard. It’s brimming with emotions that linger and hum. It’s catchy as hell and can haunt you for days. You can take a casual listen or spend hours on repeat. Either way, Inside Voice will get you, because Joey Dosik writes human music for human beings. And boy does he write the hell out of it.

Title track “Inside Voice” builds gradually into 1970s-style soul, as Dosik’s remarkable vocal range hovers over a sparse arrangement. It’s quiet but — in keeping with the song’s concept, which Dosik describes as “deep, sexual, but also kind of silly”— it’s also a thrilling, intimate moment. “Take Mine” plays with negative space and a repetitive, gut-punching melody; what feels like a love song is actually a plea for unity against the turbulent backdrop of present-day politics. Throughout, Dosik does a remarkable job of honoring and evolving classic sounds, letting his uncanny gift for songwriting guide the way.
The Pick Brothers Band
The Pick Brothers Band
Blue Days is diverse; it is genre-defying in the best
way possible in that it is accessible to anyone who
likes highly-energized rock music, played exceptionally
well – music that effectively bridges the gap between
conventionality and originality. The songs feature
lyrical and compositional depth which, in a live
setting, will blast their way into the hearts and minds
of all who hear them.
The EP is the follow-up to the band’s 2013 debut album
Pink Lemonade. Self-produced by the band and
mixed by Mark Makoway (Moist, Great Big Sea, Hey
Rosetta) the album sees Jeremiah, Gabriel and Casey
Pick significantly upping the artistic ante to create an
album that is a definitive statement of their versatility
as songwriters and musicians.
“We spent a lot more time on pre-production and on
selecting the songs that we wanted to release. We
started with about 40 songs and whittled it down to
14 that we tracked live off the floor. Of those songs,
we picked the ones we though were most representative
of our sound and where we were, creatively, as
a band. It’s definitely a big step forward in our evolution,”
said Jeremiah Pick, one of the band’s primary
songwriters alongside brother Gabriel. Both also sing
and swap between guitar and drums, while the third
Pick Brother, Casey, handles bass and background
“I’d like to think we’re always going to be growing and
maturing as players and songwriters, but I feel like we
were able to capture a moment in time on Blue Days.
What we want people to hear on this record is a band
playing with lots of energy, good vibe and a sound of
their own.”
Songs like Show You, Yesterday and Life Goes On demonstrate
the band’s ability to craft powerful, memorable
songs that harness their exceptional instrumental
skills with the result being a sound that appeals to
both those who appreciate superior musicianship, but
also to an audience that just likes to rock out.
“We’ve worked to strike a balance between doing
stuff that’s interesting and different, and stuff that’s
accessible and makes people want to dance. We love
writing, arranging, and performing, and I think our
individual involvement in all three of those areas is
reflected nicely on Blue Days,” says Gabriel.
“We’ve had so many comparisons to so many artists,
and we think that’s cool. We don’t fit squarely into any
genre, yet we seem to appeal to a bunch of different
audiences. We like that the music is hard to define. I
don’t think most people are concerned about genre
anyway– they just want to hear good music.”
The lead-off single, Blue, perfectly captures the Pick
Brothers’ combination of esoteric yet populist music
with deep, thoughtful lyrics.
“It’s about that moment at the start of the creative
process, when you’re feeling those initial pangs and
frenetic energy that happens. It’s like the hairs on
the back of your neck are starting to rise up, and you
know that you need to try to tap into that energy. So,
in this song I personify that as a dreamy kind of muselike
figure. It’s about noticing her presence and then
calling on her and hoping she shows up and takes you
where you want to go,” Jeremiah explained.
The song Island Away is an infectious, somewhat
dreamy escapist anthem, wherein the listener is
transported away to whatever their notion of paradise
may be.
“It’s a going from darkness into light kind of thing.
It talks about leaving behind the feelings of fear that
come with a certain type of solitude and going instead
to a place where everything is good and lasting.
It’s about the way we vacillate between darkness
and light, negativity and positivity. I know I’ve always
craved that place of stillness and peace when I don’t
have it. So I kind of gave it this characteristic of a
dreamy island in the clouds,” said Jeremiah.
The songwriting process is essentially split equally
between Gabriel and Jeremiah, with each working up
the basics of a song before bringing it to the rest of the
group to jam it into shape.
“We’re in an interesting position where now we’re
evolving into a seven-piece band with a horn section
and keyboards, so part of the process is to re-arrange
these songs and our others as well to fit this format.
The extra guys will have a huge impact on our presence
in live settings, and will help our writing and recording
processes continue to progress. We’re really
excited about this next chapter and see Blue Days as
the launching point for this new phase of the band,”
said Gabriel.
Blue Days has already been lauded by music critics
and the response to the songs at live shows has been
nothing short of spectacular. Already considered to be
one of the Toronto region’s most explosive and entertaining
live bands, The Pick Brothers’ reputation for
sonic excellence has landed them gigs opening for the
likes of The Sam Roberts Band, The Arkells and The
Temperance Movement.
With a new EP loaded with a truly incendiary collection
of songs, an insistent desire to continue to grow,
improve and evolve as musicians and songwriters and
an ever-burgeoning acclaim as a top concert draw, the
Pick Brothers are set to hit the road with their new
seven-piece musical machine. Their distinctive sound
and firewagon concerts will undoubtedly win over
even more fans and establish the band as an important
new force on the Canadian music scene.
Venue Information:
Lee's Palace
529 Bloor St. West
Toronto, ON, M5S 1Y5