Local Bookings & Rentals:

For all booking inquiries email Matt.Bell @ Modo-Live.com

Artist Bookings

  • We are more of a rental facility space, where you produce your own headline 2-4 band live music event and procure your own talent
  • Our rental includes a flat fee, a FOH tech fee, and a per ticket facility fee, plus a small door-person fee
  • It's similar to what exists at other large GTA cap venues like the Axis, Opera House, Phoenix, Danforth, GTA theatres, etc
  • Our rent is purposely discounted for GTA area domiciled live music artists
  • Our venue does not take any local artist merch percentages
  • You are supplied a pro in house sound system, stage lighting, and hospitality including water, etc, at no additional cost
  • The flat fee includes a pro FOH tech at no cost (early load ins will incur additional tech expenses)
  • Headline sound-checks are provided
  • We can do advance ticketing for you at no charge          
  • We only host 19+ events
  • Please send a link to music, some general information on your band, and most recent DT Toronto gig experience.
  • If you are not looking to produce your own event and more seeking to support other artists, cool, please contact or contact smaller cap venues  
  • We are a full participating venue in LYL Toronto's small indie live music association, the CMLA, and the City of Toronto's Music Commission
  • Note - It is illegal to poster in the GTA without authorization or on private property so please refrain from doing so. You’re more than welcome to put up posters in our venue(s)

Agency Bookings

  • The venue will 'in-house' promote and produce local, Canadian, and international touring artists and events  

Promoter & Event Rental

  • We are an open venue who takes holds from every 3rd party promoter in the GTA including Live Nation, Modo - Live, Embrace, Inertia, etc  
  • Our rental includes a reasonable flat rent fee, and a $2.50 per ticket facility fee, plus a small door-person fee
  • Promoters can do their own ticketing or we can arrange advance ticketing for you at no cost

Upstairs Cave Bookings

For all booking inquiries email Matt.Bell @ Modo-Live.com

  • Both Lee’s Palace, the Dance Cave are available for private rentals including birthday parties, stags, corporate parties, book launches, speaking events and other functions.
  • Full sound system, bar service and DJ services can be included in your rental
  • The Dance Cave is available to rent more Sunday-Thursday and not on weekend evenings where we have weekly fixed programming  
  • We can also hold early evening events (6:00p to 10;30p) on Friday and Saturday that include free admission to our regular public dance programming after 11:00pm.
  • We generally don't interrupt our weekend dance events  
  • Large parties can be accommodated during regular public dance programming with line bypass and free cover, please contact us for details.
  • All events at Lee’s Palace and the Dance Cave are 19+

Club Specs

Lee's Main Stage

  • 5 ft high, 24 Ft Deep, and 22 Ft Wide
  • Fitted with Plywood and carpet
  • Ceiling Height is 12 ft Above Stage
  • 8 CLAIR, I-3 Line Array Loudspeakers
  • 4 CLAIR, S4 Sub Loudspeakers, Dual 18”
  • 2 CLAIR Dolby Lake Processor
  • 2 CLAIR, I-3 Amplifier Racks, Crown 3600/QSC 9.0
  • 1 CLAIR, S-4 Sub Amplifier Rack, QSC 9.0

Lee's Front of House

  • 1 Avid Digital SC48
  • 8 Shure, SM-58, Vocal Microphones
  • 6 Shure, SM-57, Instrument Microphones
  • 4 Sennheiser, 604, Instrument Microphones
  • 2 Sennheiser, 609, Instrument Microphones
  • 2 Sennheiser, 421, Instrument Microphones
  • 4 Audio-Technical, AT4041, Pencil Condensor Microphones
  • 6 Rapco, DB-100, Passive Direct Boxes
  • 4 Countryman, FET-85 Active Direct Boxes
  • 12 Short Round Base Microphone Stands with Booms
  • 12 Tall Round Base Microphone Stands with Booms
  • 4 Heavy Round Base Microphone Stands with Booms
  • 1 36 Channel 2 way Passive Snake

Lee's Monitor System

  • 1 Yamaha L59


Any physical alterations to in house lighting (including gels) requires the hiring of a local light tech  

  • Front stage 12 par 64 cans, all with 1000 watt narrow bulbs
  • 18 side & back stage LED's
  • CHOM SYS PC Wing digital board